And this child will one day choose my nursing home

A while back, I bought a book of games for Katie – tic-tac-toe, hangman, stuff like that.  Something other than an iPad or phone to keep her occupied while at dinner, and something that actually encourages some interaction with us (why yes, I am spraining myself patting myself on the back with that one).

It also includes ‘fortune tellers’, which Katie has long made, but always on her own and never with anything in the middle.  Which I guess means you get to make your own future … very wise, very wise …

However, the fortune tellers in this little book are mostly already completed with the four main corners being “Lucky”, “Cursed”, “Charmed” and “Doomed”.  For whatever reason the creators of this little doohickey decided to have children fill in the blanks under DOOMED and CURSED.  Here is what my lovely, thoughtful child penned:


  1. You will get hurt very whare
  2. You will die today


  1. You will get punched in the face
  2. You will get hit in the privets with a bowling ball

We’ll be sticking with golf and skiing, thanks.

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