Lessons from Night #1 as Dugout Mom

  1. There are a lot of freakin hooks on catcher’s gear.
  2. It’s easier to put on the catcher’s chest protector on BEFORE putting the helmet on.
  3. Murphy’s law of the batting order means that the last girl at bat is inevitably the one who has to be immediately put into the catcher’s gear.
  4. Thank goodness they all have numbers on their shirts, and that I have a name-number roster at my disposal (didn’t stop me from calling Nicole “Sarah” at one point).
  5. Not being on the field doesn’t mean you don’t get all dusty.
  6. It only took Katie 1.5 innings to figure out that the new, sleeveless jerseys are ideal for armpit farts.
  7. Little girls can scale a chain link fence faster and further than most little boys.
  8. It’s harder to keep up with the activity on the field, but it’s pretty fun being dugout mom.